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Misty Field

Coping with life's curveballs
mindful body-based 


& finding who you are in the process!


Using this time of crisis to deepen your connection to your Self.




You've tried everything, right?

With everything shifting and potentially everything up for negotiation, what might be most essential at this time is the space to be able to tune in to your needs and navigate decisions with clarity of heart and mind. 

This crisis may be the catalyst for you to discover who you are, what your values are, how you want to live these values, and what your unique gift is in the world.



Feeling stuck or burnt out?


that's because you're not using your SUPERPOWER!


Discover the tools to get you out of the rut and into living your life with full life-force

Developing your capacity to over-hear yourself is a secret superpower.


It put YOU back into the driver's seat. It brings you back to CONSCIOUS CHOICE.


And this conscious choice can TRANSFORM your life.

When life is feeling more difficult, more complicated, more over-whelming, it's a signal to change something. But what?


Let's see how we can bring more ease and harmony into your life.

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“We are all faced with great opportunities disguised as impossible situations”

What my Clients say

Thank you Ahly for holding space for me, I needed that reminder that I can find peace, even during these troubling times.


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