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Integrate your medicine with
mindful body-based 

Doing the Deep Dive

& Integrating your Medicine


Ensure you have the tools and awareness to integrate your spiritual awakening (be it psychedelic-assisted or spontaneous) into embodied wisdom


Facilitated by Ahly
Hakomi Practitioner
& fellow journeyer

The modality of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy is well placed to hold and contain your deep spirit-awakening experiences, and to enable your human-ness to reshape in a coherent way with your new view on the world and your Self. As someone who has benefited from this style of support, it is my honour to hold the container for your self healing to happen. 

In a Hakomi session we create space for...


What is integration?

Integration is when we return to a known community that recognises and understands that we have become a different person because of the separation and the ordeal. 

~ Michael Meade

Integration is when previously polarised parts of our psyche align into a sense of a co-operative whole, where we feel more at ease with our self and the world, and we can then act coherently with our values from that space.

But how do we get there? What precedes integration?

In The Hero's Journey, Joseph Campbell talks about the initiatory experience. It is a rite of passage with ritual and ceremony. The stages of the Hero's Journey are... 

First stage is Separation

Second stage is the Ordeal. Or the Challenge. 

Third stage is to Return.

These stages are common to us all, however, most of us in today's society are carrying wounds like unprocessed initiatory experiences, lacking ceremony and context.

Trauma is like that. In terms of how the nervous system responds, trauma is an initiatory experience for a person, perpetrated at the wrong place, at the wrong time by the wrong person.

No doubt, you have had an initiatory experience. In lieu of ceremony and context, these experiences will keep happening as the psyche wants to transform. The soul wants us to be whole. And so we keep going through separation experiences until we find a separation that unifies.

Integration is about ensuring the Third Stage is attended to, and in this way, the Hero can integrate into his or her psyche the 'new information', and contribute that knowingness back into their community.


The integration piece is about building our capacity to reside in this new state of being while also being in engagement with the world around us.

A Hakomi integration session

Before integration can happen, creating safety and an alliance with our polarised parts and our unconscious is foundational. How long this takes depends on the individual, as attachments to the trauma, and the depth of one's spiritual practice are indicators of how fast and far we can go in a session.

An integration session might look at exploring where your behaviour with your values feel incongruent. In Hakomi we use an embodied enquiry approach into the following questions...


  • What is it like to look through these new eyes at the world?

  • What in your life are you finding difficult now?

  • What would your life look like to be more congruent with your values?

  • What Needs have more value now?

  • What needs attending to now?


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