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mindful body-based 



About Me

Come check out who I am, how I roll, my approach to therapy, and the philosophy and spirit that guides my practice. Let's see if we resonate.

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About Hakomi

Discover this heart-centered, mindful, somatic, and experiential approach to psychotherapy. Find out how it will change your life. 

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The 5 Principles

What distinguishes Hakomi from the many other Mindfulness and Somatic based psychotherapy offerings, are the Five Principles of Hakomi that make this modality especially accessible and empowering

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Check out some of the benefits I have been seen with my regular clients. Maybe a few of these themes speak to you and where you're at too.

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Trauma Informed

My approach to healing is about creating the safe container in which we observe what is arising in the moment without judgement.

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Book a session
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Understand our
Nervous System

Check out the three core states of our nervous system, as defined by Polyvagal Theory, and the core beliefs associated with each state. ​​

Knowing which 'state' we are in, helps us to befriend the core beliefs that go along with each state, and to befriend our entire experience.​

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