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The 5 Principles of
mindful body-based 


In 1977, Ron Kurtz established the Hakomi way of Experiential, Mindful, Somatic Psychotherapy; a good 40 years before neuroscience started pointing conventional Psychotherapy in the direction of mindful observation and body based awareness of the present moment in order to respectfully navigate past traumas.

Many modalities of psychotherapy have branched off since then, but what I think distinguishes Hakomi from the many other Mindfulness and Somatic based psychotherapy offerings, are the Five Principles of Hakomi that make this modality especially accessible and empowering.

The five Hakomi principles are:

  • Mindfulness

  • Non Violence

  • Mind-Body Holism

  • Unity

  • Organicity


Mindfulness is foundational to the Hakomi method of Psychotherapy, for it is our ability to be in the moment and also to witness the moment. With mindfulness we cultivate this dual awareness of the present moment, tracking in our body what shows up; sensations, emotions, gestures, impulses, memories, and thoughts, and then we check in to how we respond or relate to what is arising; are we feeling open and curious, or judgemental or sad for instance?

Non Violence

Non-Violence means respecting your pace, rhythm, needs and boundaries. It means the session is YOU-focused, and I, as the therapist, have no agenda to follow. Non-violence means you are IN CHOICE every step of the way. It is a very empowering approach to personal development and an antidote to stepping out of victim-consciousness.

Mind-body holism

Modern Neuro-science is catching up on this foundational Hakomi principle, made famous by Peter Leven’s Somatic Experiencing work. The body keeps the score literally means that all stressors and traumas are held (and subsequently released) through the body, and in sympathy with this truth, we do not ignore the body's wisdom and intelligence, but rather seek its counsel. The Hakomi method specifically facilitates integration of body and mind where disconnection, dissociation or imbalances have shaped your life.


Unity is like the magic within the method. What’s in me is in you. We are all interconnected, we are fractals of the whole, and we are all helping each other to come back home to our heart. We are all looking for our most whole and unfractured expression of Self. While we all have different stories, methods and customs, we all share our humanity and universal needs. Our small microcosm moments of healing create the highest articulation of unity within the cosmos.


Organicity is our innate drive towards wholeness. It is the same organistic principle as an acorn sending up a new shoot to find light and pushing down a root to find a source of nourishment. It’s programmed. It’s inevitable. Our movement towards wholeness and wellbeing mirrors this impulse, and the Hakomi method teaches us to sit back and honour this impulse, and when needed, to direct this movement towards a more wholesome form of nourishment. Essentially we are learning how to not get in the way of our own healing. My role is to support this unfolding.

The 5 Principles in life

We have the opportunity to live the principles of Mindfulness, Non-violence, Mind-body-holism, Unity and Organicity in all aspects of our life. There are many supporting modalities that work with these principles also. Along with Hakomi, have you tried out Cranio-Sacral therapy? Acupuncture? German New Medicine? Homeopathy? These are my healing go-to modalities for my body-mind-holism health. 

I use these principles as my standard for health and wellbeing sovereignty, taking me deeper into trusting the innate healing impule that we all and each have towards full health. It is my job to notice where I get in the way of my mind-body health, and to attend to softening those barriers. This is bringing Hakomi to life.

Image by bady abbas

‘Do you have the patience to wait
till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
till the right action arises by itself?'

What my Clients say

Thank you Ahly for holding space for me, I needed that reminder that I can find peace, even during these troubling times.


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