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The 5 Principles of
mindful body-based 


In 1977, Ron Kurtz established the Hakomi way of Experiential, Mindful, Somatic Psychotherapy; a good 40 years before neuroscience started pointing conventional Psychotherapy in the direction of mindful observation and body based awareness of the present moment in order to respectfully navigate past traumas.

Many modalities of psychotherapy have branched off since then, but what I think distinguishes Hakomi from the many other Mindfulness and Somatic based psychotherapy offerings, are the Five Principles of Hakomi that make this modality especially accessible and empowering.

The five Hakomi principles are:

  • Mindfulness

  • Non Violence

  • Mind-Body Holism

  • Unity

  • Organicity


Mindfulness is the foundation of Hakomi, where we explore the awareness of your present moment experience, from the sensations of your body, thoughts, emotions, memories to the impulses you may feel. The second component of mindfulness is the awareness of your attitude to what is arising. Are you feeling curious, judgment, grief, anger, rage, guilt, joy or perhaps laughter towards what you are experiencing?

Non Violence

Our Hakomi session is infused with loving presence and is based on non-violence – we go with the grain instead of against it. Non-judgment, asking permission and respect for your wants, needs and boundaries supports creating an ongoing safe container.

Mind-body holism

Our mind-body connection defines our whole being health and wellbeing. The Hakomi method gently, powerfully and directly encourages the integration of mind and body where there is disconnect or imbalance of the mind-body connection.


Hakomi embraces the wholeness of our human experience. We all affect each other as parts of the whole, and in a larger sense, are all interconnected. We are each composed of many parts – I facilitate communication and mediation among these parts.


Trusting the flow and honouring your process is an important aspect of Hakomi practice. I have an inherent trust in your organic self and your own innate healing ability and wisdom. My role is to support this unfolding.

The 5 Principles in life

We have the opportunity to live the principles of Mindfulness, Non-violence, Mind-body-holism, Unity and Organicity in all aspects of our life. There are many supporting modalities that work with these principles also. Along with Hakomi, have you tried out Cranio-Sacral therapy? Acupuncture? German New Medicine? Homeopathy? These are my healing go-to modalities for my body-mind-holism health. 

I use these principles as my standard for health and wellbeing sovereignty, taking me deeper into trusting the innate healing impule that we all and each have towards full health. It is my job to notice where I get in the way of my mind-body health, and to attend to softening those barriers.

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‘Do you have the patience to wait
till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
till the right action arises by itself?'

What my Clients say

Thank you Ahly for holding space for me, I needed that reminder that I can find peace, even during these troubling times.


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