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The benefits of
mindful body-based 

Is this for you?

Hakomi is a respectful and gentle method of assisted self study and discovery, requiring you to enter into short periods of mindful awareness of your self. Through our sessions we will develop the ability to be curious and remain centred and grounded in order to do this kind of self observation.


As we cultivate this self study by slowing things down, turning the volume of 'outside' down, and building somatic resilience, we will be able to directly address key areas in your life that have been eluding your ability to make meaningful long-lasting changes.

On-going Hakomi sessions are hugely beneficial in this way, as we can go deeper into your body-wisdom, by creating trust and alliance with your body-mind intelligence.

Below are some of the themes I have been working with, with my regular clients. Maybe a few of these themes speak to you and where you're at too.

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Embodiment (landing in your body, and over-hearing the wisdom of your body intelligence)

Themes we can explore

Nervous System Regulation and growing your 'Window Of Tolerance'

Embodiment (landing in your body, and over-hearing the wisdom of your body intelligence)

Soul Work

Doing what you love


loving what you do!

Life's transitional moments (the art of letting go and working with Archetypes)

Self Acceptance

(and befriending your unique biology and biography)

Celebrating your

successes, strengths, empowerment and audacity

Inner Child Work (supporting stuck or thwarted stages of development)

Reclaiming your Voice (and your authentic expression, self-worth and gift to the world)

Emotional Intelligence (and moving forward with clarity and compassion)

Self Kindness ~ discovering your internal polarisations (working with Internal Family Systems (IFS) as well as Non-Violent Communication (NVC) Needs Framework to acknowledge, honour and bring empathy to your 'waring' parts)

Spiritual or Psychedelic Awakening Integration (and honouring the Hero's Journey)

Dark Night of the Soul & Spiritual Crisis (discovering what is trustworthy and eternal)

Heart-Mind Coherence (and the ease that is available from this state)

Coping with life's curve balls (such as a health diagnosis, separation/divorce, loss of job) and discovering where you are 'in choice' and empowered

Judgements and envy (and the permission field you don't grant yourself)

Anxiety (and noticing what you are unconsciously avoiding)

Grief & Loss (to have all the space you need to honour and cherish what was)

Boundaries & working with anger (creating healthy assertiveness and clarity)

Overwhelm and Burn-out (bringing kindness to discover where you thwart your vitality)

Lack of Intimacy (discover where you reject yourself and others)

Shame & Guilt (bringing a tender awareness of what you carried in order to cope with life's challenges)


“We are all faced with great opportunities disguised as impossible situations”

What my Clients say

Thank you Ahly for holding space for me, I needed that reminder that I can find peace, even during these troubling times.


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