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Befriending your nervous system

» I am my own healer (and yes, you are your own healer too) «


At the end of last year, I assisted my Hakomi Supervisor, Dr Paris Williams, in his 10 day Mindful Somatic Trauma Training. It is the third time I have attended this training, but the first time as an assistant. I have a huge appreciation for the weaving together that Paris offers of the various mindful and somatic modalities within the psychotherapeutic domain, and experiencing how incredibly aligned Hakomi is for working with trauma in a safe, resourced and empowered way. 

Equally of value is the ever growing embodied understanding of how our nervous system informs our world view, and how it can tell its own 'state dependent' story. 

My take-away is this. The simple ability to be aware of where we reside within our nervous system-- to recognise our state of dis/regulation-- allows us to experience the knowing of how compelling the story is that magnetizes to that particular state.

This knowing can not be unknown, and it changes therapy from one of 'needing to be fixed' to one of inquiry and leaning into the sensations of the body, where our wisdom is whispering its way through. 

'Therapy' then becomes a curious exploration into understanding the mechanisms of 'self', and a greater capacity to understand and be with our emotional terrain and sensations. 

All of this points to the paradigm shifting realisation that we are our own healer, and all we may need is someone to hold a safe space for us to move towards what is most wholesome and good for us. 

And when that doesn't happen, we get curious about what is blocking or impeding that movement into wholeness. 

That's why I feel more like a guide than a therapist, dancing alongside a fellow human being, who's simply learning how to best dance his/her dance. 

Mindfulness and somatic resilience become the self actualised tools of healing, and, when held in a safe container, are the most accessible tools in our kete for anyone seeking to move through their trauma, beit developmental or acute.

I am my own healer. 

Let the truth of that settle. 


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