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mindful body-based

kapiti coast
Offering one-on-one therapeutic support

discover how to live your
heart-centred life
With Hakomi mindful body-based  Psychotherapy

Offering you support to turn up for your self.

Welcome Friend
I'm glad you're here!

My name is Ahly and I am inspired by the healing modality of Hakomi; a mindful somatic (body-based) psychotherapy approach that gently leads us towards our own heart-intelligence and wisdom.


Our bodies know how to heal our emotional pains and traumas, and through the Hakomi approach of facilitated self-enquiry and somatic resilience, you will see positive changes emerge in your life.  

I offer a confidential, warm and non-judgmental space for you to share what’s going on for you.


I am super excited to join you on your path of self exploration to living an embodied, heart-centered and meaningful life.

Breath Deep

seek Coherence

Rock Maze

It's our brokenness that makes us whole
(and it is the way that we are broken that makes us unique)

How I Work

My approach to healing is about aligning with the wisdom and heart intelligence that we each have. 


Through facilitated enquiry and guidance, you will gently access parts of yourself that hold keys of knowledge. We will cultivate practices that help you to honour and embody those parts, and ultimately help you to come into alignment with your purpose and unique gift to the world. 


I offer trauma-informed therapeutic support for individuals who are seeking to process their experience of life, in a holistic framework, using mindfulness, loving presence, body centered awareness, and self enquiry as tools for healing.

As a fellow traveller, I journey alongside you as we discover how Life is propelling you towards an awakening that will bring you more fully into the totality of who they really are. 

My Specializations

Grief & Loss

Mindfulness practices

Making peace with your 'Dark Night of the Soul'

Shadow Work

Emotional Intelligence

Integrating your psychedelic experience

Somatic Resilience

Attachment Woundings

Integrating your Spiritual Awakening

want more harmony in your life?

Hakomi is a great way to get clear and align to your inner knowing.

I know that when I enquire into what feels 'off' (or incoherent) in my self, I will discover a part of me that wasn't being listened to, and is trying to get my attention.

Through this practice of Hakomi, we can catch the 'whispers' as opposed to the brick wall / sledge hammer message from Life, that is trying really hard to get our attention.


This is a practice of listening to, and honouring all parts of our Self.

As we create harmony within, so we experience harmony externally in our life.

Is this for you?

Suitable for beginners to mindfulness and advanced practitioners alike, this style of therapy cultivates your ability to hold your seat, to ‘overhear yourself’ and to honour whatever is arising in your life. 


Hakomi is a respectful and gentle method of assisted self study and discovery, requiring you to enter into short periods of mindful awareness of your self. Through our sessions, we will develop the ability to remain calm and centered in order to do this kind of self observation.

I believe this approach to healing is the ideal companion for those experiencing their own ‘dark night of the soul’. The acute distress of this time can be seen as a special invitation to wake up, to embody and to move through the tight passage of limiting core beliefs. The capacity to pause and lean in to the present moment is the healing. This is my personal practice too.

Hakomi Session

Initial Consultation

Free 15 min Chat

Hakomi Session

1NDividual Session

$100 One Hour Session

COMMITTED Hakomi Sessions


$200 for 3 One Hour Sessions to be used within ONE MONTH

* Prices quoted are for my Kapiti Coast Therapy Space


My Big Promise

You are your own healer. No one else can heal you - but through this therapeutic approach, we can set up the necessary conditions for you to heal your Self.


The foundation for this is mindfulness and cultivating loving kindness (or compassionate witness) to whatever arises. Whatever it is, be it an ongoing annoyance, childhood trauma, or the mythic Dark Night, I know you have the capacity to come to honour your life journey and your own special unique path through this process.


I will be honoured to facilitate the right conditions, and to walk along side you on your healing journey.

Dandelion Leaves


What's in me is what's in you

I can meet your brokenness

Together we can be a refuge

What my Clients say

Thank you Ahly for holding space for me, I needed that reminder that I can find peace, even during these troubling times.


Lotus Flower

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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